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iLastword revolutionizes the way we think about estate planning and allows you to be remembered just the way you want it to be after your death. iLastword’s key value propositions include:-


Empowering you to preset your digital memorial (think: green burial/obituary) and last wishes and instructions way ahead of time


Providing a closure for your loved ones via the luxury of saying your last words to them upon your passing on

Critical Alert

Informing your loved ones of your critical situation with mobile real-time location and message broadcast

S.O.S Alert

Seeking help via mobile S.O.S Help Alert & Broadcast with real-time location in times of emergency

Assets and Beneficiaries

Affording certainty of locating your assets and intended beneficiaries upon your death


Allowing you to pre-assign a trusted person as the gatekeeper and executor of your last wishes


Enabling you to journal the milestones of your life and share the same for posterity after your death


Allowing others to pay their tribute and share stories about you at your digital memorial, with auto memorial day (i.e. death anniversary) reminder function

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